Keane Wonder Mill
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Keane Wonder Mill 2002

The road to Keane Wonder Mill is 5.5 miles up from the Beatty turnoff from Hwy 190. Take a right turn and head just under 3 miles on washboard dirt to the parking lot at the end.

Here's Ken (in the Land Rover Discovery), Gordon (in the Pathfinder) and Darren (in the Landcruiser) arriving at the end of the road.

Disco.jpg (9502 bytes) Pathfinder.jpg (8579 bytes) Landcruiser.jpg (7510 bytes)

At the parking lot you'll find this nice warning sign.

Warning.jpg (25579 bytes)

As you walk up to the mill, there's a dumping ground on the left. Amongst the items is this old safe with the door missing.

Strong_Box.jpg (32722 bytes)

The Keane Wonder Mill was build to process the ore from the Keane Wonder Mine. The mine is further up the mountain, and it is a strenuous hike to get there (so we're told).

Keane_Mill_1.jpg (28343 bytes)

Ore Bin.jpg (25064 bytes) Ore bin

The remains of the tramway can be seen on the skyline above the mill.

Keane_Mill_2.jpg (26603 bytes)

The whole structure is a great place to explore, and as you can see from these photos, not many people get up here.

While you're looking around, don't forget to look down. During spring the wildflowers grow everywhere. Even among the old mine tailing you can find Desert Five-Spots.

5_Spot.jpg (19022 bytes)

If you climb up to the top of the structure you get a good idea of how the tramway worked as well as a great view back down into Death Valley.

 Headgear.jpg (26075 bytes)              Death Valley View.jpg (25331 bytes)

On the way back down to the parking lot, look up and right. You'll see an old tunnel entrance which goes clear through the hill (and turns 90 degrees inside the hill)

Tunnel.jpg (33072 bytes)