November 11-14
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Nov 11 - Darwin & Goler
Nov 12 - Defense Mine
Nov 13 - Jail Canyon
Nov 14 - PSR

Day 1 - Friday saw two quick runs at opposite ends of Panamint Valley.

The first was the Pre-Run for Panamint Valley Days of the "Backdoor to Darwin" run. The Trail Boss hadn't been over the complete route before so I took him on a lightning run from PSR, past Darwin Falls, to China Garden, Darwin Wash, Darwin, Rainbow Canyon, Father Crowley Point and back to PSR.

Then we headed south for an ascent of Goler Wash. At Ballarat we hooked up with Wayne Miller and co. of Miller Off-Road Products. The ascent was uneventful. We turned around at Barker Ranch and headed back down. At the falls one of the Jeeps started making a bad noise and started backfiring through the carb. After determining it was a stuck valve, we pulled the wire to the #1 cylinder and headed back to camp.

Day 2 - Saturday saw a very early start to the "Express Defense Mine Run".

Day 3 - Sunday was a leisurely trip up Jail Canyon to the Corona Mine.

Day 4 - Sunrise and time to head home.