Upper Canyon
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North Fork & Dry Falls

The entrance to the upper part of Echo Canyon starts about 4 miles in from Hwy 190. Around the 5 mile mark, the Eye of the Needle can be seen. This is a natural rock 'window' some 20 ft up from the canyon floor. It's on the right hand side of the canyon as you head up the canyon.

Rock Eye.jpg (23432 bytes)

Soon after the 'eye' one of the better campsites in the canyon can be found on the left in a small side canyon.

sidecamp.jpg (23716 bytes)

After the side canyon campsite, the main Echo canyon opens up.

A trail to the left leads to the "Upper Echo Road" - go this way if you're up for some real adventure and have well equipped vehicles (Winches, very high clearance 9" or better etc.)

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